Pranda Jewelry

Sustainable Jewelry Manufacturer

Founded in 1973, PRANDA Group is renowned as the world’s leading fine
craftsmanship jewelry manufacturer, based in Thailand with 4 million jewelry
pieces capacity per annum, gained trust from prestigious brands globally.
Committed to sustainability approach, we are certified as a member of
Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and accredited with ISO 9001.

“The Architecture
of Craftsmanship”

“The Architecture
of Craftsmanship”


Pranda Group’s core operations are production, distribution, and retail of fine
jewelry products. Recently, the company has been recognized as the leader
in Thai jewelry exports with its customer base covering key regions from
North America to Europe and Asia.


For decades, our sustainability commitment has been built upon
our fundamental core value of caring for all stakeholders around
us. We drive towards goals to ensure responsible and ethical
management practices on sourcing of materials, human rights,
environment and social responsibility.


Committed to serving the needs of jewelry brand owners, from design to the
finished quality products, to bring about the appropriateness of the
production cost and product quality.


Pranda – Korat Sharing Society Creation

Last January 2023 : Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited at Nakhon Ratchasima branch, Mr. Sakda Sri Anuchat, factory manager, together with Administrators and Welfare Committee, had delivered happiness on New Year’s Festival  by sharing these children foods amd...

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Pranda Group Sponsored HRD Design Awards 

 The Inspired Stage For Young Jewelry Designers Pranda Group had joined and become sponsor for HRD Design Awards 18th Edition, a contest that truly inspired for young jewelry designers to the eyes of the world. The contest organized by HRD Antwerp, the European’s...

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