Corporate Communications Officer

Careers   Corporate Communications Officer / เจ้าหน้าที่สื่อสารองค์กร

Main Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

Strategic Content Creation:
– Spearhead the development of strategic content for internal and external communication channels, emphasizing public relations objectives.
– Craft compelling messages that showcase the organization’s values, employee value proposition, and overall employer branding.

Media Channel Management:
– Manage and optimize various communication channels, with a primary focus on public relations platforms
– Oversee the editorial calendar, ensuring timely and relevant content delivery through Offline & Online Media.

Employee Engagement Content:
– Develop engaging internal content that highlights employee achievements, activities, and events, contributing to a positive workplace culture.
– Leverage internal communication channels for employee recognition and engagement initiatives.

Employer Branding Content Strategy:
– Contribute to the formulation of an effective employer branding content strategy that aligns with public relations goals.
– Ensure consistent messaging across all communication platforms to strengthen the corporate brand image.

In-House Production Expertise:
– Utilize personal expertise in media production to craft compelling narratives, visuals, and messaging that resonate with target audiences.

Job Specification:

– Bachelor’s degree in Communications, English, Journalism, Literature or other related fields
– Knowledge and understanding of employee engagement practices and strategies to enhance internal communication.


Strategic Communication: Develop and execute communication plans aligned with organizational goals.
– Media Production: Proficient in video creation, writing, and graphic design.
– Collaboration: Strong collaborative and project management skills.
– Creative Thinking: Innovative thinking for compelling content creation.


– 3+ years in communication management with a focus on internal and external communications.
– Experience integrating off line media & social media into communication strategies.