Purchasing Manager

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About the job Purchasing Manager

Main Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

– Manage, supervise and plan procurement of raw materials for Jewelry production such as gold, silver, and other equipment both of domestically and internationally in accordance with the production requirement.
– Determine methods and processes for procurement effectively under budgeting, timing, quality and transparency.
– Together with users in determining the specification and standards of the required products and services.
– Negotiate to suppliers, vendors in terms of price, delivery date and suitable product specifications.
– Select and evaluate of supplier/vendors according to ISO9000 and RJC standards.

Job Specification:

Bachelor degree or above in Management, Logistics or relate other fields.


– Able to use computer
– Communication in English is a must.
– Understand of ISO9000 requirement.


More than 10 years of experience in purchasing in jewelry industry.