Pranda Celebrates Graduation of Bilateral Students in Gems and Jewelry Program

Apr 10, 2024

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited proudly announces the successful graduation of 56 bilateral students from its esteemed Gems and Jewelry program. The graduation ceremony, held to commemorate the achievements of these exceptional individuals, took place at the conclusion of the 2023 academic year. Organized by the Bilateral Vocational Education Program, the event symbolized a culmination of dedication, resilience, and outstanding accomplishments.

Mr. Pramote Tiasuwan, Managing Director – Production and Chairman of the Bilateral Vocational Education Program, graced the ceremony with his presence, presiding over the proceedings. His inspirational address underscored the remarkable journey undertaken by each graduate, highlighting their proficiency in both theoretical understanding and practical application within the realm of Gems and Jewelry. The ceremony was not merely a moment of celebration but also an acknowledgment of the transformative power of education. Mr. Pramote Tiasuwan emphasized how the program had enabled students to earn income while studying, subsequently securing employment post-graduation and alleviating familial burdens. He expressed confidence in the graduates’ ability to shape the future of Thailand’s gem and jewelry sector, foreseeing their significant contributions to its growth and development.

Pranda’s commitment to empowering artisans through education has been evident through its Bilateral Education Project, which commenced in collaboration with the Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College Kanchanapisek in the year 2000. This initiative has not only enhanced the skills of artisans but also uplifted their lives, contributing to the thriving gem and jewelry industry in Thailand.

The success of the Bilateral Education Project is attributed to a three-party framework involving learners, institutions, and entrepreneurs. Young individuals seeking firsthand experience engage in professional training within authentic work environments, while educational institutions provide top-notch vocational training aligned with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum guidelines. Pranda, as a leading enterprise, cultivates skilled jewelry artisans, addressing the growing demand for skilled labor in the industry.

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Pramote Tiasuwan, the program has flourished, evident in the remarkable achievements of its graduates. Over the past 23 years, more than 2,500 individuals have graduated from Pranda Jewelry’s bilateral education program, contributing significantly to the brilliance and success of Thailand’s gem and jewelry industry.

Pranda’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering industry growth through education underscores its dedication to excellence and sustainability.