Pranda Enters Sixth Decade with Renewed Commitment to Sustainable Growth

Apr 9, 2024

Pranda, a globally renowned jewelry company, proudly announces its entry into its sixth decade with a steadfast commitment to continuous business growth and sustainability. As a testament to its dedication to providing unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in jewelry production, Pranda has been recognized internationally for its excellence.

With a vision to become the world’s premier alliance for jewelry businesses, renowned for our expertise in creating valuable craftsmanship and our commitment to sustainable business operations.

In the sixth decade, Pranda is driven by business goals founded on the belief that jewelry transcends mere adornment, going beyond beautifying the body. The company firmly holds that jewelry is a meaningful addition to life. With deep meaning and the promise of boundless happiness, we are committed to crafting exquisite, high-quality pieces using cutting-edge production technology, resulting in priceless jewelry. Our dedication extends to social responsibility and environmental consciousness, as we stand ready to achieve success alongside our valued business partners.

Pranda is dedicated to conducting business with a focus on delivering value and sustainable outcomes in four key areas:

  1. Quality of Work, Quality of Life: Pranda is dedicated to crafting beautiful, exquisite, and high-quality jewelry using modern technology. We are committed to promoting and supporting the quality of life for everyone in Pranda, fostering improvement in every dimension.
  2. The Value of Architecture of Craftsmanship: Pranda’s creations continues to evolve into Artisanal Craftsmanship at scale, enhancing the value of unique, meticulous, and consistently high-quality handicrafts. This is achieved through the experience and expertise of everyone at Pranda, supported by production capabilities that meet the demands of a broader market.
  3. Committed Towards Sustainability: Pranda strictly adheres to a sustainable development policy, aiming to foster equilibrium in society and the environment while actively contributing to the protection and preservation of our world. As a jewelry manufacturer, we ethically source our materials to guarantee responsible and verifiable raw material procurement. Our firm commitment to caring for society and the environment is manifested in our efforts to cultivate harmonious coexistence within communities, fostering mutual growth and systematic environmental management. We consider the positive impact on the world for future generations.
  4. Gem and Jewelry Industry Development: Pranda assumes a pivotal role in nurturing skilled professionals and serving as a primary educational resource. Our commitment is to drive Thailand’s gem and jewelry industry into international acclaim.

As Pranda embarks on its sixth decade, and anticipates the next, our commitment remains steadfast in conducting responsible business. We aspire to be a conscientious contributor to the community, society, and the global landscape, actively participating in the growth and development of the gem and jewelry industry, and fostering comprehensive sustainability across all dimensions.