Pranda Group Celebrates 50th Anniversary: A Journey in Jewelry Creation Towards Sustainable Growth

Sep 13, 2023

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, or the Pranda Group, celebrated its 50th anniversary in Thailand’s gem and jewelry industry by organizing an exhibition that communicated the milestones of the five decades and reflected the broad vision of the seven founders who laid the foundation of the business with the core of “Pranda Keep Quality” both the quality of work and the quality of life for everyone at Pranda, as well as the expansion of business growth into other countries. Recognized internationally for the quality and craftsmanship of its jewelry production, everyone at Pranda is driven by the desire to provide the best to customers around the world.

Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, the founder chairman of Pranda Group, said, “For the past 50 years, Thailand has fundamentally excelled in creating exquisite and valuable craftsmanship within a society rich in beautiful arts and culture, which is recognized by people around the world. Therefore, Pranda Group leverages its distinctiveness to foster further development through systematic management and teamwork processes that are unique to Pranda Process. Those added values from one department to another in order to maximize the value of our products and services. At Pranda, everyone takes pride in being part of a manufacturing company that consistently delivers quality products to people around the world.

Based on its success over the past 5 decades, Pranda Group is ready to enter its sixth decade with Our Purpose & Belief that jewelry is not just about adorning the body with beauty, but it is something that enhances the value of life with profound meaning and limitless happiness. Thus, we dedicate ourselves to crafting exquisite pieces of the highest quality, integrating modern production technology, aiming to create jewelry of exceptional worth, prioritizing the care of society and the environment, while delivering success in collaboration with our valued business partners. With the belief in delivering sustainable value and results in four aspects: the quality of work, the quality of life that affects the creation of beautiful work, the aesthetic value of creativity combined with working with heart and inspiration that transcends limits, and a corporate culture that facilitates the creation of crafts. We are committed to sustainability, creating growth, and contributing to society. This commitment includes the joint development of the gem and jewelry industry under a bilateral education project in the field of gem jewelry. We aim to produce artisans who are an essential force in expanding Thailand’s gem and jewelry industry and serve as a model organization for learning resources beneficial to organizations and agencies in the gem and jewelry industry.

In addition, in its sixth decade, Pranda Group aims to enhance its business to enhance its global competitiveness. With the strategy of the Original Design Manufacturer and Original Brand Manufacturer business groups that support the needs of both domestic and international markets, including opportunities and challenges towards sustainability goals that cover all dimensions such as People:  Pranda values its employees as a core organizational principle, bound by a collective commitment to systematic work and a shared dedication to crafting skillful artistry. Planet: Pranda is committed to charting a balanced approach to business that emphasizes environmental considerations and adheres to international standards for the organization’s environmental management system. This dedication promotes sustainable practices, ensuring a better world for future generations. Product: Pranda  maintains an unwavering dedication to crafting enduring and high-quality jewelry through sustainable processes, spanning from design to production. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with a commitment to professionalism and responsible craftsmanship, while also sharing the responsibility of reducing environmental impact.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Pranda Group was greeted by prominent figures in the gem and jewelry industry. Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, along with the company’s founders, directors, and group executives, warmly welcomed guests at the Pranda Booth during the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2023 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.