Pranda Group drive towards goals to sustainable jewelry manufacturer

Jan 17, 2023

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, as a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of jewelry and a  leader in jewellery exports, Thailand is committed to conducting business with responsibility for good membership and adheres to sustainable development  practices that cover all dimensions,  especially the environment.

It is well known that climate change  remains a major global problem, and all sectors must find solutions that will not only affect humans, but also affect  humans. But it also affects biodiversity in  ecosystems. If not, in a hurry to take  corrective action, it can pose a threat to the survival of life on the planet.

Therefore, many companies in the gem  and jewelry industry are increasingly focusing on environmental issues. By adjusting production processes and turning to environmentally friendly alternative energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere throughout the supply chain.

Pranda Group recognizing this responsibility, it has set a net zero domestic greenhouse gas emissions reduction target by 2050. The company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production by 15% by 2024 and 25% by 2030.There are operational guidelines to achieve this goal, such as:

  1. Energy efficient management of lighting and air conditioning systems
  2. Water management by utilizing (Concentrates) from RO (reverse osmosis) water generators to  reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from tap water production.
  3. Standardized waste, waste and pollution management to avoid pollution to the environment, such as setting up a “waste bank” to promote waste sorting and the reuse of recyclable waste, as well as supporting the use of biodegradable plastic packaging.
  4. Management to reduce greenhouse gases from production processes, office management for energy savings (efficiency). This includes planning to install solar power generation systems. Installation of energy-saving equipment and the use of electric vehicles, etc.

It is time for the private sector to focus more on environmentally conscious business practices. By using technology to adjust production processes and operations throughout the supply chain.