Pranda Jewelry organized an open house to welcome the study groups on corporate sustainability.

Aug 25, 2022

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited or “PRANDA GROUP”, the leading manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of fine jewelry products in Thailand, the leader in Thai jewelry exports, and a model organization for sustainable development, organized an open house to welcome faculty and staff from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University, and students from Singapore Management University (SMU) on the occasion of a study visit on corporate sustainability practices.

Mr. Pitipong Tiasuwan, Managing Director – Omnichannel Retailing of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, welcomed the group and gave a special lecture about Pranda Jewelry’s business operations. Our performance and sustainability go hand-in-hand covering all 3 dimensions including the environment, society, and corporate governance. Especially the personnel management, the company takes care of employees as if they were family members, also known as “Pranda Family”, by using the principles of ethics and human rights as well as looking after employees’ families to enhance the quality of life.

At the same time, Mr. Pitipong led the group to visit the company’s areas that related to the welfare management for personnel for example the Child Development Center. The company attaches great importance to a family institution which is an important foundation for social development by establishing the children’s daycare nursery to provide nursing care for children such as daily health check-ups and babysitters to support child development.

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited is considered a model organization in sustainability development and Thailand’s first company that participated United Nations Global Compact or “UN Global Compact” which is the world’s largest sustainable development network. Pranda Jewelry is committed to operating its business towards the goal of sustainable development and social responsibility, as well as participating in economic, social, and environmental development to maintain balance over the past 4 decades.