Pranda Jewelry receives ESG Awards 2022

Jan 10, 2023

Build a business to grow with good governance, take care of the environment and society.

Prof.Dr.Channarong Pronrungroj Managing Director – Corporate Sustainable Growth of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited or “PDJ” said about receiving the ESG Award throughout 2022

“Pranda Group has placed great importance on establishing sustainability policies to guide business growth and sustainability across all dimensions, including environment, society and corporate governance (Environmental, Social and Governance), by adopting such concepts as the backbone of every work process, transferring them to various operational levels of the organization, and integrating the action plan to be coherent. Adhere to the international principles of sustainability based on the 10 basic responsibilities of the United Nations Global Compact. The six goals are: 1)gender equality, 2)economic growth and good employment, 3)sustainable production and consumption, 4) tackling climate change, 5) peace and tranquility, and 6) sustainable development stocks.”

Commitment to responsible business operations in all dimensions. As a result, the Company has received many awards of pride, such as:

Being one of the founding members “The Global Compact Network Association of Thailand (GCNT) and the Executive Director of the Association are encouraged to raise awareness and jointly implement the concept of sustainable development in each country to achieve powerful change, raise the standard of doing business with good governance.

Certification of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an important standard in gem and jewelry production throughout the supply chain, takes into account business ethics responsibility. human rights Social & Environmental Action.

ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certification, Outstanding Establishment Award Labor Relations and Labor Welfare for the Year 2022 at the National Level This is the 11th consecutive year of the head office and the 13th consecutive year of Nakhonratchasima branch, which reflects that the company is committed to the management under the policy of strengthening good labor relations and providing welfare to employees appropriately. In addition, the company places great importance on enhancing the quality of life of employees along with developing the organization to grow sustainably.

In addition, the Company received Quality assessment of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) on the criteria of “Excellent” and corporate governance assessment of listed companies for the year 2022 at the level of “Excellent CG Scoring” for the 6th consecutive year, as well as the certification of the renewal of the Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) project.

The latest award of Pride of 2022 is the Thai Capital Market Sustainability Model Award for Supporting People with Disabilities. The “Outstanding” category reflects that over the past 49 years of the company’s founding, the Company has employed people with disabilities. Support employability by allocating work that suits the individual’s performance. Everyone receives the same wages and benefits as ordinary employees, treated equally, as well as providing.

The award reflects the commitment of the management team and personnel to drive the business’s continued growth. Even in the face of volatile social and economic circumstances by continuously improving oneself and raising the level of organizational development to keep pace with global change or transformation, this is an important step and a factor that will enable the organization to achieve sustainable success along with creating benefits and values for society in order to pass on a good and sustainable world. opportunities to demonstrate their full potential for career growth and equal access to basic rights.