Pranda Jewelry Receives Human Rights Award 2023

Nov 1, 2023

Pranda Jewelry Receives Human Rights Award 2023

in Recognition of Commitment to Human Rights and Ethical Business Practices

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited  received “Human Rights Award 2023” in the “Good Level” category for large-scale business organizations. The prestigious award was presented by the Minister of Justice at the Human Rights Awards 2023 ceremony, which took place at the Miracle Grand Convention Hotel in Bangkok.

The Human Rights Award 2023 recognizes government organizations, state enterprises, social enterprises, and civil society sectors that prioritize and uphold human rights as fundamental principles in their operations. Pranda Jewelry’s commitment to good corporate governance, social responsibility, and the protection of human rights played a pivotal role in earning this esteemed accolade.

At Pranda Jewelry, it is not just about meeting legal obligations; the organization strives to foster a culture of awareness and respect for human rights among its board members, management, and employees. This commitment extends to society and communities, embracing the principles of the United Nations on Business and Human Rights. The company stands firmly for promoting acceptance and equal treatment for all individuals, regardless of differences in race, religion, culture, gender, disability, social status, or economic conditions.

Furthermore, Pranda Jewelry actively supports equal and inclusive opportunities for professional growth. The company achieves this by effectively communicating, disseminating knowledge and understanding, and providing guidelines for ethical supply chain operations. Treating employees fairly and equitably, in accordance with human rights principles, not only benefits the individuals and the organization but also radiates happiness into the surrounding society, leading to sustainable success within the organization.

These principles form the bedrock upon which Pranda Jewelry has consistently built its values and sustainability in both the business and the broader society.

Receiving the Human Rights Award 2023 in the “Good Level” category is a testament to Pranda Jewelry’s commitment to ethical practices, human rights, and its unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on society.