Pranda’s Path to 6th Decade Success: ODM and OBM Strategy Drives Growth

Apr 19, 2024

In the face of rapidly evolving global consumer behavior, particularly among the new generation and those with purchasing power who appreciate gemstone jewelry with exquisite design, superior quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and reasonable pricing to meet market demands. Pranda has drawn on its expertise and intimate understanding of marketing dynamics and customer needs and implemented a strategic approach to enhance its business groups. This includes the development of the Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) group and the Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM) group, aimed at bolstering its competitive edge in the gem and jewelry industry, both within Thailand and internationally, with increased efficiency.

The Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) group at Pranda goes beyond the conventional definition of only manufacturing products based on customer specifications. It excels in designing and innovating new products for clients. Pranda’s strength lies in its dedicated product design and development center staffed by experienced professionals, as well as its understanding of the nuances of diverse customer groups, regional variations, and cultural lifestyles. This enables the creation of high-quality jewelry that meets the demands of large-scale commercial production, enhancing Pranda’s competitive force in the market.

Pranda excels in the Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM) group with extensive experience in the gem and jewelry industry. The company has a well-established working process supporting the creation of jewelry brands and maintaining close collaboration with clients in both the Designer Brand and Fine Jewelry Brand segments. This involves comprehensive research into market data, understanding customer needs, and specifying raw material requirements. Pranda leverages this information to develop unique and distinctive concepts and designs for various jewelry collections, ensuring quality production processes align with customer demand. Moreover, the company actively engages in marketing and storytelling to communicate the “stories” of products, aiming to convey deep value in each piece, deliver happiness to customers, and contribute to the success of Pranda’s partners.