Prima Art Inaugurates Its First Flagship Store In Hanoi – A Paradigm Of Refined Artistry

Dec 21, 2023

Opulent and Sophisticated Art Space Unveiled

The inaugural PRIMA ART flagship store was ceremoniously inaugurated at Trang Tien Plaza, marking a pivotal moment for the renowned Pranda Group, recognized as the world’s leading jewelry manufacturer. Following an extensive period of enhancements, the Trang Tien Plaza Shopping Center emerges as a captivating destination, boasting the epitome of opulence within the capital city of Hanoi. This significant milestone heralds a new era for PRIMA ART, offering an exquisite shopping environment adorned with profound and esteemed gold art collections.

Situated on the 4th floor of Trang Tien Plaza Shopping Mall, this establishment represents the second addition to the PRIMA Vietnam. Painstakingly curated to provide a contemporary shopping ambiance, the space showcases exquisite gold artworks, meticulously crafted from 99.9% high-quality gold sheet. Enthusiasts of fine art will find themselves immersed in the meticulously curated Feng Shui collection, inspired by images of prosperity and symbols of fortune. Additionally, the Lifestyle collection seamlessly blends traditional and modern lifestyles, while the Culture and Heritage collection draws inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of Vietnam.

Distinguished by an entirely novel concept, the PRIMA ART store in Trang Tien Plaza invites patrons to immerse themselves in a high-class art space, unraveling the layers of meaning and eternal value embedded in each creation by PRIMA ART artisans. Apart from Trang Tien Plaza, customers can explore PRIMA products at the Lotte Lieu Giai Shopping Mall in Hanoi, Diamond Plaza Shopping Mall, Vincom Dong Khoi Shopping Mall, and the PRIMA ART store at Hung Vuong Plaza Shopping Mall in Ho Chi Minh City. These venues showcase not only the acclaimed PRIMA ART collections but also offer an opportunity to acquire handcrafted 24K, 18K, and 9K gold jewelry designs by PRIMA gold jewelry brand.

With the inauguration of the flagship store at Trang Tien Plaza Shopping Mall, PRIMA ART fortifies its standing as a premier brand in the industry. This establishment endeavors to provide customers with a unique and classical shopping experience, presenting gold works of enduring value and profound sentiments.

The Golden Dragon – Symbol of Prosperity in the Year of the Dragon 2024

In anticipation of positive transformations in 2024 for homeowners and entrepreneurs, PRIMA ART proudly introduces the Golden Dragon collection – an emblem of prosperity and authority for the upcoming year.

The “Pure Spirit Dragon” Masterpiece

As part of the Golden Dragon collection, PRIMA ART unveils the exquisite artwork “Pure Spirit Dragon.” Crafted on 24K gold material, this masterpiece meticulously details each scale and incorporates thousands of precious crystals to enhance the power of the Shen Dragon. The delicately depicted golden letters “Vinh Hoa Phu Quy” serve to activate positive energy, paving the way for fame and success in the new year of Giap Thin 2024.

Golden Dragon Riding the Clouds Collection

The “Golden Dragon Riding the Clouds” collection, presented by PRIMA ART, features designs of diverse sizes that, when combined, create a distinctive focal point, adding opulence and uniqueness to any homeowner’s space. Capturing the powerful imagery of the dragon mascot soaring through the clouds, this collection aims to attract fortune for a prosperous Year of the Dragon in 2024.

Golden Dragon of Fortune – A Corporate Marvel

Among the treasures of the Golden Dragon collection, the “Golden Dragon of Fortune” stands out as the preferred corporate gift. Crafted in 24K gold, this dragon statue exudes majesty and authority, making it an ideal addition to desks, offices, and workplaces. Its presence is intended to enhance strength, usher in “long fortune,” facilitate work convenience, and ensure long-term prosperity.

PRIMA ART expresses its sincere hope that the power of the Sacred Dragon mascot, embodied in the Golden Dragon collection, will bestow great victories upon homeowners and businesses in the prosperous Year of the Dragon, 2024.


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PRIMA ART FLAGSHIP, 4th Floor – Trang Tien Plaza Shopping Mall

PRIMA STORE, 2nd Floor – Lotte Lieu Gia Shopping Mall


PRIMA FLAGSHIP, 2nd Floor – Diamond Plaza Shopping Mall

PRIMA STORE, B1st floor – Vincom Dong Khoi Shopping Mall

PRIMA ART STORE, 2nd Floor – Hung Vuong Plaza Shopping Mall