Pranda – Korat Sharing Society Creation

Feb 9, 2023

Last January 2023 : Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited at Nakhon Ratchasima branch, Mr. Sakda Sri Anuchat, factory manager, together with Administrators and Welfare Committee, had delivered happiness on New Year’s Festival  by sharing these children foods amd utilizes, that were collaborated between administrators and staffs for 11 child care centers and schools there, such as Ban Thap Chang Child Care Centers, Nong Muang Child Care Centers, Ban Nong Kok School, Ban Lalom Mai Pattana Child Care Centers, Ban Sri Mum Child Care Centers, Ban Don Phram School, Bannongtakong School, Ban Khitun School, Nong Samo School,  Ban Butanon School, and Ban Kud Jork Noi School.

In order that, this activity is in a purpose of sharing society creation. The company has cultivates value for all staffs to be grantor, sharing and generous, also devoted themselves on activities for communities and society.