Pranda Korat Volunteers Spread Joy Through “Sharing to Society” Initiative

Feb 20, 2024

Volunteers from Pranda Korat are making a positive impact in Nakhon Ratchasima province through their “Sharing to Society” initiative. Guided by the belief that ‘sharing with society creates more benefits than you think,’ the volunteers, led by factory manager Mr. Sakda Sri-anuchat, along with the executive team and welfare committee, have donated goods and educational equipment to various centers and schools.

Beneficiaries include Thap Chang Child Center, Nong Muang Child Center, Ban Lamommai Development Child Center, Ban Simum School, Ban Don Pharam School, Ban Nong Ta Khong School, Ban Nong Bua Sala School, Ban Khie Tun School, Ban Nong Somo School, Ban Buta Nat School, and Kud Chak Noi School. The initiative aims to foster a sense of community, compassion, and pride while contributing to the overall happiness of the region.

This community-centric effort by Pranda Korat exemplifies their dedication to creating a positive impact and encourages a spirit of generosity among community members.