Pranda’s 6th Year: Sharing Used Desk Calendars to Create Braille Learning Materials

Mar 7, 2024

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited has once again partnered with the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand for its annual “Old Calendar Donation” project. In this sixth consecutive year, Pranda has contributed over 700 used desk calendars to support the creation of Braille learning materials. The initiative is designed to enhance educational accessibility, foster skill development, and empower visually impaired individuals in their academic pursuits.

The ongoing commitment of Pranda’s management and employees to the “Old Calendar Donation” project highlights the company’s deep understanding of the importance of promoting equality and creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities. By actively contributing to the education and vocational training of the visually impaired, Pranda aims to elevate their skills, improve their quality of life, and facilitate their integration into society with dignity.

Beyond its social impact, the initiative also emphasizes environmental responsibility. By repurposing old desk calendars, Pranda not only reduces waste but also promotes recycling practices, aligning with the company’s dedication to sustainable business operations. This dual commitment reflects Pranda’s continuous efforts to balance social impact and environmental stewardship.

Through the “Old Calendar Donation” project, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited remains steadfast in its pursuit of sustainability and environmental consciousness, showcasing the collective dedication of its people to making a positive impact on both society and the planet.