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Q1 : What is business of Pranda Group?

Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited (PRANDA) was founded in 1973 and had listed its ordinary shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1990. Pranda has currently registered capital of 539 million baht and total assets amounting to 3,730 million baht. The Company is a manufacturer and distributor of genuine jewelry, presently one of Thailand’s major jewelry exporters with a customer base spanning the key regions of the world from North America to Europe and Asia. Pranda has a vision “to be the world’s leading alliance for jewelry industry that enables our valued partners to achieve mutual growth and success” In 2022, the Company has restructured its group from three main business groups, comprising of Production, Distribution and Retail to two main business groups, consisting of Production and Omnichannel Distribution in accordance with the company’s current and future operations.

Q2 : What are strengths of Pranda Group that enable the company to operate for longer 40 years?

Operating for longer 40 years, Pranda Group has been recognized by international customers and jewelry industry with our unique strengths as follows:

1. we work with care and pay attention to every work process, including the responsibility toward all stakeholders – employees, partners, suppliers, community and society at large;

2. We are capable in producing high craftsmanship jewelry in mass quantity with consistent quality;

3. We have unique process with continuous improvement, linking each departments and business units systematically, and adding values to the company.

Q3 : Where are the headquarter and factories located?

Pranda Group’s headquarter is located at 28 Soi Bangna-Trad 28, Bangna-Tai subdistrict, Bangna district, Bangkok 10260. The factories are located in Thailand (Bangkok and Nakorn Ratchasrima), Vietnam and Indonesia. The production capacity is 4 million pieces per annum.

Q4 : What is business structure of Pranda Group?

Pranda Group’s business structure can be divided into 2  business units as follows:

1. Production Business Unit: The implementation of economies of scale in jewelry production, which results in production cost of goods suitable for its quality.  The Company has diversified its production risk to cover almost all product price range.  The Company group has factory network situated in Thailand and Vietnam. Pranda has production capacity of 4 million pieces per year, with establishing the design and development center to broadly meet the customer’s need.

2. Omnichannel Distribution Business Unit: The Company has subsidiaries having expertise in omnichannel management, including its own retail shops and distribution through authorized retailer covering physical stores in Asia and online websites to directly access to jewelry consumers. At present, there are 4 companies in Thailand, Vietnam, India and the UK (E-commerce).  

Q5 : How does Pranda manage risks factors coming into terms of currency and commodity?

With the fluctuations of USD which is the base currency of company, the company exercises the forward contracts with the same currency (Natural Hedge) and deal with pass thru the price of material directly to customers.

Q6 : How many times has Pranda declared dividend since listed and what is Pranda Dividend Policy?

Pranda has become registered public company since June 12, 1990. Pranda has declared dividend for 28 times during period of 1990-1995 and 2001-2016 respectively. Basing on official statement reported to SET, Pranda Dividend Policy is to declare dividend in proportion of not more than 60% of the separate account profit generating on that particular year under providing condition of the company financial status.

Q7 : What is the government role to the jewelry industry?

Thai Government supports both directly and indirectly the private sector to engage in the manufacture of jewelry, with the direct government supports through the Board of Investment (BOI) to entrepreneurs who invest under the conditions, the BOI grants a number of privilege benefits exemption income tax for 8 years from the date and Pranda obtains income. The company began to use rights promotion certificate number 1616 (2) / 2010 since January 2011 having and the company still has the mentioned right.

1. With the Indirect government support, The government cooperated with the private sector were established the Gem and Jewelry Institute of

2. Thailand (Public Organization) to research, enhance and improve the enterprises. Moreover, the government launched Jewelry Design Department at Srinakharinwirot University in order to create the undergraduates to meet the needs of the business sector. Additionally, Promoting private sector takes part in producing personnel certificated Senior high school. With bilateral educational guidelines jewelry to supply the market sector labor production and promoting skill laborers by the Ministry of labor, The company applied government framework for producing personnel both undergraduate and vocational to support the growth of business in the future.

3. And above all, Government has policy to create the strength of Thailand to be color gemstones of the world by exempt VAT for raw materials, metals and gems that is the raw material of important part of this industry.

Q8 : Does the jewelry production process harm to environment?

Jewelry manufacture industry of PRANDA Jewelry Co., Ltd. (Thailand) is classified as light industries which have low impact on the environment because Pranda principally use production capacity from skilled craftsmanship. However, the Company aims to ensure the sustainability of the business and prevent a negative impact on the community. Therefore, the environmental management is divided into 3 sides.

1. To prevent pollution from the sewage: The company managed wastewater treatment system resulting from the production process to be in line with the Ministry of industry standard. In addition, the company built concrete to prevent the pipeline. These will ensure that the wastewater from the production process will not leak into the public water prior to getting treatment.

2. To utilize sustainable resources: The company invested to build a scrap materials screening system from the production process in order to reuse as raw material for reproducing including with waste management for both office and factory with recycling and reusing under the name “garbage bank” which not only reducing nonessential resource usage, but also fostering economical habit to overall personnel.

3. To reduce refrigerant usage affecting on global warming crisis. Formerly, the company continuously has “Chlorofluorocarbon” or “CFC” refrigerants in cooling system and replace them to high – efficiency freezers with non – CFC refrigerant. Recently, the company completely set up chiller – type air conditioner with non-CFC refrigerant not effecting on the atmosphere on a new office building. For continuous operation, the company received certificated from the “A clean, safe, pollution – free, lively” in 2002.

Q9 : If I have further inquiry or recommendation, how do I contact with the company?

The most convenience contact is to write us a letter addressed to Investor Relations Department, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, 28 Soi Bangna-Trad 28, Bangna Tai, Bangkok 10260 or an e-mail using this internet website: under heading Investor Relations Section or simply write directly to our provided e-mail address: or Tel. 0-2769- 9999 Ext. 431